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Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Back off hiatus, tweaking at ABC News and Rose Bowl ranting

My exile is over. My hiatus can be explained with one word: divorce. I am not going into details. It is a painful process that I don't wish on anyone and will only discuss with my closest confidantes. I am glad to be back in the spirit of blogging, and I hope that 2006 is a great year for my site. Now onto more site-related matter.


Nothing new since they are a MSM outlet. However, while perusing the nightly news, Bob Wodruff got my dander up with some of his reporting from Iran. First off, he kept referring to Iran as a republic. This could not be any bigger lie. Iran is not a republic, a democracy, or any other form of representative government. Just because they have elections does not make it so. Iran is a theocracy, better yet termed a mullocracy. It is a coulntry whose government is tightly controlled by a group of Islmaic clerics. While they do have elections, they are no more fair than elections in Iraq under Saddam Hussein or in Syria under the Baathist regime there. There is no free dissent in Iran. Hard core dissenters are jailed, tortured and killed. Elections are rigged to insure that the candidates chosen by the mullahs are elected. This is a country under the control of radicals who spew their hatred for the West and Judaism on a regular basis. Yet they continue to get a free pass from the MSM. This sort of moral equivalency by journalists is sickening. I could come up with quite a few conspiracy theories of why the MSM does this, but it is based on a random thought that the MSM is ingrained in a basic hatred of the United States, which even if true, is hard to fathom as an American. I'm sure I can do some basic research to prove this true, but I digress. Iran should neve be considered to be equivalent to the United States. The basic fact that a reporter from ABC News did this on tonight's broadcast is continued evidence that MSM doesn't get it. I would even be more outraged if our nation had a coherent policy on Iran, but our lack of one chaps me even more. We are so dependent on Europe to do our work for us in nuclear policy, it is scary. Let's get this straight. We are depending on Britain, France and Germany to craft a nuclear agreement with Iran that will forestall their nuclear ambitions. And just yesterday, Iran announces that it is resuming its nuclear fuel program, of course, for "peaceful purposes." Hogwash. Do you trust Germany and France to help us in this regard? I don't. Even though I support President W in our decision to got into Iraq and affect regime change, Iran is a far greater threat. Our lack of coherent policy is evident that while we had a definitive idea of what to do about Iraq, we are basically clueliss in how to deal with Iran. The current tack is akin to an ostrich with its head in the sand, just hoping for the best. This is a beast that is of a lot of our own creation, dating back to the rule of the Shah and our propping up of his regime for the sake of the status quo. Hindsight provides great wisdom of what we should have done, but it provides nothing of what we should do now. What do we do? I'm perplexed on what to do, and I will devote considerable thought on this topic over the coming days and weeks. I know one thing for certain. The MSM equivalency campaign does nothing to help.


The burnt orange text is for The University of Texas, who I am pulling for in tomorrow night's matchup with USC for the National Championship. No matter what the outcome, the pregame hype is selling UT short for its wonderful season and its incredible amount of talent. I think a lot people are going to be surprised at how good the Horns are and how well they will play. This game will be a lot closer than what the experts predict. I hope I am spending tomorrow night celebrating the first title in 36 years. We'll see.

I won't promise regular posting for awhile, but I am back. And I have a lot of hot opinions to share.

Sunday, September 11, 2005


We Will Never Forget

Photo courstesy of Fox News

Saturday, September 10, 2005


Let me give some props to THE MAN!!!

Photo courtesy of ESPN.com

This is THE MAN. Vince Young, QB, University of Texas. All he does is win. Tonight, he gave Head Coach Mack Brown something he never gets: a win in a big game. 25-22 at #4 Ohio State. The knock on Young is that he can't throw the ball. No problem. 270 yards, 2 touchdowns and 2 interceptions to go with his 74 yards rushing. I know it's only the second week of the season, but this guy IS the Heisman Trophy winner until he proves he doesn't deserve it. Major props also go to Co-defensive Coordinator Gene Chizik for getting the D to hang in there when Ohio State had the ball 3 times in the red zone and only came away with 9 points. They kept the Horns in it until THE MAN could make a big play. And did he ever.

Now, Texas just needs scale that mountain called OU to put them in the driver's seat for a Big 12 Title and a chance at a national title. There will be plenty of tests along the way as Texas Tech, A&M and others will be primed and ready to knock off the Longhorns.

We'll see how many Texas haters get on the bandwagon, but if Texas wins on October 8 at the Cotton Bowl, everyone will count down to a UT-USC Rose Bowl matchup.


Political fallout from Katrina has begun.

According to the FW Star-Telegram, Dallas Morning News and about every other news organization, Mike Brown has been dumped from the FEMA controlled part of Katrina relief efforts. He was recalled to Washington by President Bush. I'm sure that after the headlines have quited down a little bit, he will be asked to resign as well. Brown becomes the first of what will be many political casualties in the blame game and bungled attempts to get relief to the victims in Louisiana and Mississippi.

I don't believe all fingers point to the federal government in the massive problems that took place over the last 2 weeks, but this is a good move. Brown, in my opinion, was not qualified to run a major disaster management function. He had little practical experience in these matters. Even though he's played the Washington game for years, and has been very good at what he has done in the past, FEMA was and is a far different animal. Only the most qualified disaster reliefe specialists should ever be considered.

I know this won't slow down the Kanye West's of the world from their hyped up criticisms, but this is at least a good first step by the administration to admit to their wrongdoing and attempt to correct it.

Somewhat on the same topic, I still am wondering when the political fallout is going to turn to Kathleen Blanco for her management of the crisis. We still don't have an appreciable timeline or definitive knowledge of how she exactly acted. This is disingenious to me, especially since we know every move the feds have made. I know it's not a cover-up, but a little more thorough investigation of her actions by the media IS good journalism. All impressions that I have is that when her time came to make decisive action, she too blinked. I wish she would resign, but she's just another cog in the corrupt Lousisiana political machine.

Not being a Roy Nagin apologist here, but he did manage to get over 80% of the New Orleans population to some place of safety. Compared to the computer models that said only 65% would be able to get out, that is an accomplishment. However, it is our job to criticize and find out what we could have done about the other 20%. I'm merely suggesting that our criticism should be balanced by what the man did manage to accomplish, even if many of you think it was just dumb luck. He should have had a plan in place to use those buses, and he did have a plan that evacuation experts put in place that was not fully utilized. Those two points, (plus as Dell Gines put it, his unmanliness in the time of crisis) probably should cost him his job. It won't, because politics as usual will continue to reign down there in the Big Easy.

Should be interesting as we keep score who gets sacked in the aftermath of Katrina.

Friday, September 09, 2005



We are on the lookout for one rapper known as Ice Cube. He is wanted for his salacious rap rhymes, hard core attitude, and fun style. We need him to replace wannabe thug rappers who have no originality in their raps and basically hurt our eardrums. If you see the one known as Ice Cube, please pass this message on:



Is this really the best way to proceed?

UPDATE: Apparently, it wasn't the best way to handle things. This courtesy of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram:
FEMA to end debit card plan
By Hope YenThe Associated Press

WASHINGTON - The federal government's relief agency will discontinue its program to distribute debit cards worth up to $2,000 a family for hurricane victims, it said, two days after hastily announcing the novel plan to provide quick relief

I do not deny the need to help Hurricane Katrina victims get back on their feet. I know President Bush feels compelled to do something immediately to help the people. But to give everyone a $2K debit card?

I am concerned because I believe that we, in our desire to do good and generous things for other Americans, will get fleeced. I believe this system will fail.

Point 1: It will fail because there is not proper record keeping involved. It's impossible. Not everyone will have an ID. So unless they use laser fingerprinting to track every card that is dispensed, many thugs and criminals who are part of the evacuees being housed will take advantage of the system. Even common citizens will realize the huge loophole here and take advantage.

Point 2: What about the citizens who will promptly take that $2K and waste it. What then? Give them another debit card? Again, another opportunity for rampant waste and fraud.

Point 3: Is there a potential for a debit card black market? What about counterfitting?

There are better ways to do this.

Since it is on the government's tab, the government's duty is to excercise responsibility to the taxpayer. Since they never do that anyways, here's my humble suggestions. How about putting together an essentials kit similar to the school supply kits PTA's sell at the beginning of the school year, only with clothes, toiletries, etc. It can be customized to fit each and every evacuee. Next, give the people vouchers that are specifically earmarked for certain items. Contract with reputable and deserving vendors to accept those vouchers. Give vouchers for housing and other basic needs. Just giving away money is plain reckless.

I don't want one dime of money that I as a taxpayer contribute to go for booze, cigarettes or any other unnecessary item. I totally think that we must do something, but this debit card idea is just too much.

It's an attempt to immediately soothe people for their devastating loss, but it is irresponsible use of monies, again, by our government.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


The test questions WILL get harder.

Photos courtesy of National Archives and Record Administration

It's Manifest Destiny and Civil War time in my U.S. History classes. This is where the hard questions and the tough explanations from me start. I'm interested in your perspectives on these subjects. I've included two images which always get my dander up.

The first image is one of the most famous from the 1800's, John Brown in Kansas.

In the second, Frederick Douglass is listening to William Lloyd Garrison denounce slavery.

Here are the questions I still have a hard time answering to my kids:

1) How could Southern society deny the human existence of slaves and treat them like animals?

2) How many slave owners really believed in the inferiority of blacks? or did they just go along because they just said "that's the way our society is"?

3) Why haven't economic leaders learned the lessons of tunnel vision and lack of economic diversity that southern society possessed with King Cotton? (think the dot.com bust)

4) Did slavery and the brutal manner in which it had to be ended poison any chance for a real black/white dialogue? or, Are we just using history as a cop-out for our real responsibilities to each other as fellow men and women?

I'd be very interested in your responses, and I would appreciate anyone who could pass this along to help me reach as many people as possible. More responses=better teaching material.


Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Will someone do somethign about illegal immigration?

Nope. Not now, not ever unless WE THE PEOPLE rise up and force the government to change.

The Urban Conservative and Lashawn Barber weigh in with hard hitting commentary.

We can trot out statistics until we are blue in the face, but it comes down to these undeniable truths:

Entering the country without the proper documentation is ILLEGAL. Hiring someone without the proper documentation is ILLEGAL. Yet our government is content to sit on the side and let all this happen, every last bit of it at your expense.

Sickening, yet so typical. Only when enough people give a damn will our leaders stop hitting the cocktail party circuit, schmoozing with Washington lobbying whores and give John Q. Taxpayer an ear.

Monday, September 05, 2005


Put the race card back up the sleeve.

There are many reasons why the federal response to Hurricane Katrina stinks, but it isn't because the residents are poor and black. That race card needs to be saved for a later date.

Our government had its opportunities to be prepared for a disaster like this and blew it. For years, our leaders knew the levee system in New Orleans wouldn't hold. They knew that thousands of residents had no contingency plan in case of emergence. They knew that they had to spend money to do something better. And in meeting after meeting, all they could do is shrug their shoulders and hope that it never happened.

There was always something else to spend the money on.

Now that the event took place, with no real plan or relief scenario spelled out, thousands of people that shouldn't have died, will.

The President and the Governor of Louisiana could have called for the National Guard much sooner. That way they would have been en route much sooner. This would have helped maintain law and order.

Just like our military in Diego Garcia, FEMA should have prepositioned necessary supplies and resources for an event just like this. They should have several such centers safely near our coastal regions likely to be hit hard by hurricanes.

The government could have stopped civilian transport, both bus and air, and put those resources to use for a last ditch mass evac, but they didn't.

It had nothing to do with poor or black. It was bureaucratic inefficiency at its worst. It was hoping it wouldn't happen, instead of realistically planning that it would.

We could have spent far less money to prepare, but now we will spend far more to rebuild.

President Bush should be harrangued, and his cabinet with him. He screwed this one up, and now we all pay a higher cost.

Don't play the race card on this one. The government just didn't care, not because of color or economics, but because it figured it had better things to spend money on.


Runs in the family.

A coincidence, perhaps, but an odd happening just the same.

George W. Bush, blasted for his slow response to Hurricane Katrina, the largest and most damaging storm to hit the United States in over 100 years.


George H. W. Bush, blasted for his slow response to Hurricane Andrew, the largest and most damaging storm to hit the United States in almost 100 years.

#41 lost his job and a lot of his credibility with the voters in a large part because of his screw up with Andrew, in addition to the infamous "Read my lips, no new taxes" statement and the economy.

#43 won't lose his job, but he's losing his credibility with the voters because of his screw up with Katrina in addition to illegal immigration, GWOT, and Iraq.

Not very humorous, but kind funny anyways.

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